I am a curious person with an eclectic set of interests.  I have always been interested in science.  My father related stories from my early youth (~4 yrs) where I would come to him and say, “Dad, I know a lot about things.”  I would then tell him why the sun came up, how planes could fly, etc.  He couldn’t remember what my theories were, but no matter, the stories just illustrate my desire to describe the world around me.

I hope that I have learned a few things in the intervening 50+ years.  I was a mathematics major with a minor in chemistry.  My favorite undergraduate course was organic chemistry with differential equations coming in a close second.  Through a rather circuitous path, I ended up getting my PhD in biochemistry and biophysics, concentrating on bacterial metabolism and genetics.  I have also done work in the biochemistry of transcription termination, cell cycle, and mRNA export from the nucleus.  But, my passion has always been trying to understand bacterial metabolism.  How do those little buggers grow?

My math major allowed me to dabble in several sciences: astronomy, geology, and physics.  Now, with online lectures from top researchers talking about their work freely available, I am as happy as a clam at high tide.  I hope that I can convey some of that enthusiasm in my posts.


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